Hanz Freller
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    Don't quit.

    Troubled times don't last
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    You matter.

    Everyone needs support
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    Take care.

    Persistence Produces Progress

Welcome, My Name is Hanz

My Story.

I've had a life of adventure, both – good times and bad times. Of course the good ones are always going to bring back favorable moments that produce a smile, and the bad ones tend to leave unwanted scars.

As a solo parent on a personal journey of discovery, I am seeking out what it takes to overcome and break a cycle by making the rest of my life the best of my life.


Like many out there, I too have experienced trials in life. I was very fortunate enough to have the right person around me at the time to make the suggestion of seeking professional help. Prior to seeking this help, I really struggled as a young teen with trying to come to terms with all that I had experienced up until that point.

As therapy started, I was able to address my inner most hurts of abandonment, physical & sexual abuse and suicide before it consumed me. The simply act of just being able to speak to someone on a regular basis about all the thought processes that I was going through, enabled me to begin the process of working through the hurt and pain that I was feeling.

Making that one life choice of seeking professional help, has guided me in a direction that allows me to share my story.

There are going to be moments in our life that knock us down or times that will test us to our very core. It's at those very moments that we begin to question how strong we really are. I understand that it takes guts to get back up when you've been knocked down time and time again.

My story may be different on the outside, however you have the exact same strength within you to be able to stand up again and continue forward in your life. It may be difficult at the time, yet after you have been through it and look back, you will see the how strong you really are.

I will still never quit

Video of my story in 5 minutes.

Daily Finding | 23 April 2016

Could following a new path have happened sooner, or did the window of opportunity only present itself that one time, only to be missed?

Whatever the answer may be, go after each and every opportunity. Don't procrastinate by beginning to believe that it will reappear, because it more than likely wont. If you want it to happen, go out and make it happen.

Carpe Diem.

Thoughts and reflections

My Daily Findings are my thoughts and reflections on past and present experiences, after having made the decision to no longer live my life according to others people's opinions.

Read some of my Daily Findings here.

Support from around the world

Reach out.



ScopersUnite has a strong sense of family. Both a caring and supportive nature that I believe a family would have. Being a part of it is important to me as they have been a very big part of me being able to share my story on an International level. I have established a bunch of friendships with a lot of the team from this family that I know will be lifetime friendships. In particular Steve Gadsby, it is comforting to know that there are genuine people like him with a soft caring heart in the world.



The definition of Peripreneurs is, that they are a global family of entrepreneurs. Peripreneurs is a mastermind network of individuals who are sharing their value to the world through social media. Given that each peripreneur adds to the entrepreneurial scale, they all share the same mindset of wanting prosperity and wanting to share value along the way. To be a Peripreneur is to engage and exchange ideas and inspiration with fellow Peripreneurs as often as possible.



Toastmasters provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech. During their journey, they learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback — and accept it. Through the community of learners, they find their path to leadership.

There is no integrity in treating people in a way that would allow justification for negative actions.

Hanz Freller

I am a fan of Superman

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

One thing I had a lot of as a youngster, that my father had acquired over the years, was comic books. I had a heap of Spiderman, X-Men, and Incredible Hulk comics. I had so many it got to the point that I would use them as a small side table next to my bed. I would read one and then place it next to the existing pile, slowly working my way through each comic.

As I got through each of the comics I became familiar with the back stories and would look forward to coming across the next issue in the series. In total I must have had around 200+ comics, and it was always the Superman ones that I enjoyed the most. I only had two Superman comics and I was always reading them over and over trying to piece together more of his story. As a kid there was nothing more exciting than reading something where you find yourself totally immersed in the material.

Can you imagine as a kid not liking the ability to fly? You could go anywhere in the world you wanted just by deciding that you wanting to go, that sounded awesome to me as a 6-year-old. Then there was the super strength, lifting cars and being able to wrestle anyone to the ground without trying, especially when play fighting with your mates at school.

It was a great time to be able to have a superhero for an idol as a young kid. This was in the late 1970's and early 1980's, long before there was Internet. The world was a place of mystery. I was in New Zealand where the reputation was that we had more sheep than anywhere else in the world and that we were so far away from anywhere no one would ever come to visit you.


It wasn't until later in life after I had experienced some difficult times as a young teen that I found myself reading more Superman content. Not only did I find out more about the superhero, I began to understand what it was that I really liked about this fictional character. The values that were shown by the parents, Clark Kent as a young boy within the story of Superman, is something that I truly believe in — treat everyone as an equal.

In essence aside from the "cool" fictional aspect of Superman, it is the values of this character that I admire the most.

No matter how big your struggles may seem, no matter what life may look like at that particular moment, take a step back because troubled times don't last.

Hanz Freller

What's Your Story?

Never be ashamed of a scar.

What's Your Story?
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Hours needed per day?

It's not going to happen. You have 24 hours and no more, you just have to prioritize.


Hours in one year

So there's really no excuse that you don't have time. Seriously, think about it.


Days left?

But actually - you really don't know how much time do you have left, so start doing.


Action needed

Sometimes all it takes to make the change is only one action. It needs to start somewhere.

Going through what I've been through, where I'm able to help and inspire others, is a true blessing.

Hanz Freller

How I came to be on Periscope

It all started with me wanting a fresh start.

I was going through some personal dramas during the latter part of 2014 and through 2015. I was in a really dark place at the time that had seriously begun to take a toll on my health so much so I could feel myself becoming ill. It was at that point I jumped online, not to find a self-diagnosis, but to hopefully find something that I would be able to be inspired by. I typed in whatever it was at the time and the first thing that came up was a video clip of "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe" by Eric Thomas. As I watched and listened to the speaker in the video, Eric Thomas began to tell a story of a young man who has a conversation with a guru about how he wanted to succeed more than anything and would do anything to achieve it.

For me that was the clip I needed to hear, it had nothing to do with wanting to be a success but everything to do with wanting to succeed. To me success is something that is obtained, after the difficulties and hardships that one may go through, whether that be in relationships, financially or whatever, I knew it was going to be a journey of persistence, trial and error and at times sheer willpower.

I was in a very unhappy place prior to searching the interwebs and I needed to be able to find my way out of this funk that I was experiencing. I could feel something within beginning to eat away at me and I knew myself well enough due to previous experiences that I needed to change my thoughts and mindset. That was the clip that changed my mindset from being defeated to saying to myself "I can get through this".

I was in a very unhappy place prior to searching the Internet and I needed to be able to find my way out of this funk that I was experiencing. I could feel something within beginning to eat away at me and I knew myself well enough due to previous experiences that I needed to change my thoughts and mindset. That was the clip that changed my mindset from being defeated to saying to myself "I can get through this".


At the time I had never even heard of Eric, however as I listened to him there was a sense of authenticity about him that I really liked. He spoke with passion, truth and integrity. After having watched various other clips he would speak of his own experiences. I said to myself at the time that if he was ever to come to New Zealand then I would go, no question about it.

I was surfing the web late one night watching more of Eric's clips. You know how you click on a clip and from time to time for the next 30 seconds you have to either endure an advert or you get to skip the advert in like 5 seconds? Well a clip came up advertising the fact that Eric was heading to Australia in August! As I listened and began to entertain the idea of going to Australia, he then mentioned he was coming to Auckland, New Zealand for the first time! I was like a teen that had sucked back 3 energy drinks — I was so excited I jumped online and booked my plane tickets all within 4 minutes of hearing the awesome news.

As time drew closer, I already started reading his first book "Secret to Success" and ended up finishing the last part of the book while on the plane. I was absorbing as much of his content as I could and I had started listening to the people he was learning from in particular Les Brown. I made my way to the event not really knowing what to expect — all I knew was that I had to be there.

As the event started, Eric mentioned something to the audience that resonated with me and I kept with me. He went on to say that he felt lead to come to Australia & New Zealand, he felt that there was somebody in New Zealand that needed this message and that they were going to hear this message tonight and they are never going to be the same again. I totally believed that Eric was talking to me at the moment.

After the main event there was a small meet and greet for those who wanted a photo opportunity with Eric. While this was happening his friend was walking around the room with his phone using Periscope. I was amazed at this app that had the ability to live stream at any given moment all from the convenience of your phone.


Coming away from the conference, not only had I gained a new outlook on life, I had also seen a new phone app that had me intrigued. I downloaded the Periscope app and began to explore the live streaming universe. After jumping into a few live broadcasts, known as scopes, I started to see that people were just looking to connect with other people. Then in September while I was cruising the various scopes I noticed a lone broadcast in the middle of Utah. I tuned in and began chatting with the broadcaster, as it turned out he was heading to Las Vegas with some friends. I was almost as excited as he was, as he was going to scope while in Vegas. It was like I was going with him and he would take me on a virtual tour and yes, I did get to see a lot of Las Vegas. As the weeks went by I struck up an online friendship with the broadcaster and we swapped numbers and to this day we still remain in contact.

Continuing to surf the Periscope universe and following different individuals I came across a scope where someone was talking about what they had been through. As I listened I noticed the response from those who were watching which surprised me, they were very supportive. Once that broadcaster finished they made a mention of the Periscope community that they were a part of — ScopersUnite. They mentioned that they could be found on Facebook so I decided to check it out.

What I saw on the ScopersUnite page was something that made me smile, so often our news feed on social media is filled with negative content. However, in this group all I saw was support for one another. I then saw a post that had the schedule for the upcoming Scopetrain — the Scopetrain is where a broadcaster schedules a 5-min slot and shares something about themselves. I scheduled a time. At the time, I really had no idea what I was going to talk about however I ended up speaking on opportunities, I came away feeling good yet I still hadn't really opened up.

During the following week I continued to visit different scopes of the people I had started following since early September. One Scoper (Periscope broadcaster) who I had been following for some time was Shawn Thomas, I found him extremely informative when it came to wanting to know about owning a business. I jumped into a scope of his and nothing was being said... which is unusual. I later found out as I watched and waited that Shawn had been speaking with an individual who had shared a portion of his own personal struggles in life, to which Shawn made the comment about how "everyone has a story". Those words gave me an idea.


I went back to the organizer of ScopersUnite, Steve Gadsby, and booked in a time. He was going to place me in the third spot, and upon hearing this I became somewhat nervous, however nerves are good for me as they help me push my limits when it comes to pressure. Steve assured me that it would be great and that I have nothing to worry about. I knew I would be fine as I had been on stage a couple times before.

With the weekend fast approaching I needed to come up with a way to tell my story. I was thinking that a storyboard would be a great idea as I wouldn't have to speak and I could even find a song that I could have playing in the background to make it less boring. As I wrote down my story from start to finish, it became clear that I wasn't going to be able to show my life story in its entirety. The only time frame I had was a 5-min window in which to be able to engage the viewers. I looked over the story and I decided to find a song. After a few practice runs at 2AM, I was finally happy with what I was about to share.

That was how the "I will still never quit" scope was born. In the following days I decided to add the clip onto YouTube, I know what it is like to go through the pains and hardships in life alone. There were times that I did want to quit, however I knew there was something more in life than all this pain I had experienced. Just sharing my story is a part of it. When I shared my story on Periscope, within an hour of the broadcast I had people messaging me via Facebook from Finland, Switzerland, Germany, USA and England, given me thanks for being open about my life and that they had felt inspired to share the hurts they had been through. Some had not spoken of their pain before and some had not long opened up about their pain.

It was at that very moment that I knew I wanted to continue telling my story.

Gentle words

Speak life.

This is all about giving back

"No one ever became poor by giving." — Anne Frank

A Special Thank You

First and foremost, I would like to thank the one who has guided me. He saw a broken, lonely and angry teenager lost in a world of personal uncertainty. I was guided towards the people I needed most in my life, and to this day those people are still in my life.

From Hanz to Paul Donaldson

I would like to thank Paul Donaldson. He has shown me how to be patient, compassionate and loving to others simply by being those very things to me. Even though my circumstances may have put me on the back foot, Paul has guided me through the many of them. He has helped me understand that your past can't determine your future unless you allow it.

I still catch up with Paul on a regular basis, 25 years after having first met, where he continues to add value into my life.

From Hanz to Steve Gadsby

I was first introduced to Steve through the live streaming social media app called Periscope. He had started up a Facebook group called ScopersUnite, where those who were already on Periscope could connect outside of the app.

There are few people I have met in my journey that are as open, honest and caring right off the bat. Steve has added value into my life just by having a genuine heart. There is no substitute for having someone like this in your life. Since meeting face to face in San Francisco, Steve continues to add value into my life by showing me what it means to push the limits on personal growth.

From Hanz to Shawn Thomas

I began following Shawn after I had not long discovered the live streaming social media app Periscope. I was looking to follow people who were going to add value into my life.

Shawn is one of the few people on Periscope that begins adding value into your life from the first time you tune in to his broadcast. Whether it is learning about a business aspect or understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur, Shawn is continually adding new value and insight on what it takes to become successful.

From Hanz to Greg Walker

Having seen Greg first speak on Periscope I was mesmerized. He spoke in such a way that would inspire, motivate and install a passion in you that makes you want to succeed. Having since heard Greg speak at the 2016 Periscope Summit in San Francisco, I began to understand the Dream, Grind and Hustle that he speaks of so often.

Greg continues to inspire and motivate me by giving me insights on how to achieve my dreams, maintain a grind and work on my hustle.

From Peter Rakanui to Hanz

To effectively communicate on "life's Journey" with someone, you yourself have had to walkout those same experiences, then you can contribute from a place of perspective and understanding. Hanz has a vault of life experiences to draw upon both positive and some not so positive.

He always delivers a stellar performance with wit, insight and heart. He has a dogged determination to navigate and overcome any challenge, any obstacle, any hindrance. His life's mission is to better himself and help those around him.

If you have the opportunity to participate or connect with Hanz in his journey, I can guarantee you will be better for it.

From Steve Gadsby to Hanz

Hanz Freller is one of the most unique and inspiring individuals I've ever met and I'm honoured to call him my friend.

Hanz has a way of combining personal stories from his past and telling them in creative ways that have a huge impact on those around him. He is humble to a fault and absolutely fearless sharing his struggles in pursuit of helping those around him.

Hanz was put on this earth to impact others. If you're looking for someone to speak at your event who will lay everything on the line in pursuit of making an impact on others, Hanz Freller is your man.

From PJ Quinn to Hanz

Courage to overcome adversity is something that I hold dear to my heart. My man Hanz has one of the biggest hearts and most courageous characters I have ever come across! He stole everyone's heart by wearing his own on his sleeve and I am proud to have this man in my close circle of friends.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." — Khalil Gibran

That quote is the epitome of my good friend Hanz Freller.

From Coryn Epps to Hanz

An inspiring man sharing his story to prove that one's' past does not predict their future! Although he experienced a series of painful situations throughout his life, he chose to be victor of his past rather than fall victim to it. At 41 years young, he is now a proud father, amazing friend, and loving to others!

He believes there is no shame in being transparent about your pain, and that even as a man, it's OK to show your emotions.


If there is anything I can do for you, please leave me a message and I'll get back to you.